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Weddings in the future

The Law Commission’s consultation on reforming the law of weddings ends today, 4th January 2021. The aim of the consultation is to modernise wedding law and should lead to greater choice and flexibility when choosing where to get married and the type of ceremony couples have. Weddings may be able to take place outdoors – at the beach, park or in private gardens. There could also be greater choice over the form of wedding ceremonies reflecting couple’s religious or non-religious beliefs.

What does this mean for wedding flowers? Greater choice and flexibility in venue and type of wedding ceremony could lead to more diversity in the types of flowers and arrangements couples choose. The restrictions on weddings due to Covid may also lead to smaller, more intimate weddings with bespoke designs and styling.

Whatever the outcome, florists such as ourselves will be available to meet the needs of couples and transform their dreams and ideas into beautiful floral reality!

Sue Williams is a floral designer based in West Sussex.

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